Go Green Dallas
a few things about going green

Recycle: Request your Big Blue rolling recycle bin from the City of Dallas. Dial 311 to have yours delivered.

Reduce and Reuse: Be a green shopper by reducing consumption first, then look for packaging that can be reused and recycled.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: CFLs use 75-80% less electricity to make the same amount of light, last up to 10 hours long, and give off 70% less heat.

Be Water Wise: Install low-flow toilet fixtures and/or place a plastic bottle of water in the tank to reduce the water used with each flush.

Go Paperless: Receive and pay your bills online.

Unplug: Everything you leave plugged in for convenience draws energy, even when not in use.

Rainwater: Collect rainwater for landscape irrigation.

HVAC Maintenance: Replace filters regularly. Install a programmable thermostat. Have a technician inspect and repair the unit twice yearly.

GREEN terms to know:

Alternative Energy: From sources that do not produce harmful emissions. For example, the sun, wind, or running water.

Environmental Impact: Any change to the environment, harmful or helpful.

Gray Water: Any dish, shower, sink, or laundry water used. It may be reused for purposes such as landscape irrigation.

Green: The movement that incorporates environmental awareness, social responsibility, and bioregionalism.

Nonrenewable Resource: A natural resource that can't be replenished because the rate of formation is slower than the rate of consumption.

Sustainability: Economic activity that meets the present needs of a company without compromising the future while serving and protecting the environment.

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